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Dr. Jordan L. LeBel received his MSc from Cornell University and his PhD from McGill University and joined Concordia University in 2000. He teaches MARK 458: The Marketing of Food, as well as MBA 644: Marketing Management. He previously headed the Executive MBA program as well as the Luc Beauregard Centre of Excellence in Communications Research. He has developed many successful and award-winning courses including theMBA elective course "Experience Design and Marketing" and the online course "Marketing Yourself" taken by over 20,000 between 2004 and 2017. He is the recipient of the 2005 and 2010 best teacher award in the John Molson School of Business, the 2011 President's Excellence in Teaching Award, the 2011 MBA Professor of the Year award and the 3M National Teaching Fellowship.

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His research focuses on hedonic and aesthetic consumption, especially as it relates to the definition of pleasure, its various dimensions, and its impact on decision making and behaviour in the areas of food choices and healthy eating and lifestyles. He has presented his work at various conferences such as Advances in Consumer Research, Marketing Science, The Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium, and the Canadian Institute of Food Technology. His research on comfort foods, and particularly chocolate, has been featured extensively in both broadcast and print media around the world. He is a regular commentator on food and restaurant marketing issues in the local and national media. Dr. LeBel actively supervises graduate students at the MSc and PhD levels. He is a founding member of the Concordia Food Culture Research Group. He regularly consults for large and small organizations in the food, foodservice, and retail industries. He has given keynote addresses to a variety of organizations such as C2MTL, the World Congress of Food Scientists, the Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec, and the Canadian Foodservice Professionals Association.

Dr. LeBel started his career in professional kitchens at the age of 12 and has been a chef and a restaurant reviewer. He has taught at the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University and lectured at the École Hôtlière de Lausanne in Switzerland. His vintage cookbook collection goes back to 1742.Dr. LeBel is actively involved in various charities and non-profit organizations. He has been a member of the board of directors of YES Montreal, the Quebec Society of Public Relations Professionals, and Croquarium. He currently sits on the Scientific Committee for the Prevention of Obesity at the Institut national de santé publique.


Certificate in Corporate Governance (Laval University, 2017)
Ph.D. (McGill University, 2001)
M.Sc. (Cornell University, 1992)
B.Sc. (Cornell University, 1990)
Associates Degree (ITHQ, 1988)

Areas of expertise
  • Eating behaviour
  • Food and wine marketing
  • Hedonic and aesthetic consumption
  • Impact of pleasure on consumption decisions and behaviours
  • Internet branding strategies

Teaching activities

MARK 458: The Marketing of Food

The food and beverage industry — encompassing variousentities including commodity brokers, importers,distributors, packaged goods manufacturers, transformers, retailers, andrestaurants— is an important source of employment opportunities and avital component of our economy. This course will introduce students to thestructure of the industry, the operating realities of its key players, and themarketing challenges facing them. The course will also expose students to potentialsolutions as well as new theories and concepts that will broaden theirmarketing knowledge and provide them with the tools to develop solutions tofood marketing challenges.

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The course is designed to achieve two critical andoverarching objectives: 1) introduce students to the significance — economic,social, and otherwise— of the food industry, and 2) to develop anappreciation for the complexity of marketing issues and challenges facing theindustry while building awareness for the need for responsible stewardship withinit.

MBA 644: Marketing Management

Thiscourse is an introduction to theprinciples and key concepts of marketing management. As such, students areexpected to learn the terminology associated with the field of marketing, itskey concepts, and how to apply them. The course is designed to achieve twooverarching objectives: 1) to develop a “marketing mindset” withinparticipants, meaning an ability to uncover and take advantage of marketingopportunities otherwise overlooked or unexplored; and 2) to foster the values,attitudes and behaviors associated with leadership in the field of marketing.These objectives and the design of the course are rooted in two fundamental premises.First, the economic and competitive landscapes have caused a shift inconsumers’ spending and in business practices, forcing a renewed emphasis formarketers to do more with less and to become accountable. Secondly, pressingsocietal problems of unprecedented magnitude around the world are calling forbusinesses, government and non-government organizations, and other civilsociety members to collaborate in the development of effective and sustainablesolutions.

MBA644 is designed to prepare participants for leadership at the intersection ofbusiness and society. Given the complexity of the problems and environmentalissues faced by today’s businesses, societies, and governments, “silo” thinkingand “business as usual” are no longer acceptable modus operandi. Today’ssuccessful organizations and tomorrow’s leading MBA graduates cannot afford tolook at marketing as an isolated function but must rather develop a mindsetwhereby marketing permeates their every actions and how they look at their environment.If business practices have sometimes been a cause of current problems,businesses and marketers can also be part of the solution. Our common futuredepends on the extent to which managers and executives develop a vision of abetter world and on their ability to draw on the resources of companies andorganizations to help implement that vision. This course will explore howmarketing managers can simultaneously contribute to the success of theirorganization as well as to society’s well-being.

Research activities

Explorations in Sensory Design

This research program is situated at the intersection of design, marketing, anthropology (including design anthropology and sensory ethnography) and psychology (including consumer psychology and sensory evaluation.

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This research program asks: How can we best analyze, and gain a critical purchase on, the flowering of the senses in contemporary design? This project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Corporate Governance and Public Health

Public Health is often seen as the responsibility and exclusive purview of government but pandemics and other crises often confronts the profit-oriented perspective of corporate governance against the population health and wellbeing focus of public health officials. The current pandemic offers a teachable moment to sensitize and outfit board administrators and business executives with tools and understanding needed to leverage the opportunities of crafting a post-pandemic where issues of public health and addressed and accounted for in corporate governance matters.


Refereed Journal Article

Marquis, D., L. Hénautl-Ethier, J. LeBel (in press). Edible Insect Marketing in Western Countries: Wisely Weighing the Foodstuff, Foodie, and Foodscape. Submitted to Journal of Insects as Food and Feed. https://www.wageningenacademic.com/doi/abs/10.3920/JIFF2018.0037

LeBel, J., M. LeBouthillier (2019). Tacos, Sriracha et sauce soya : le marketing qui nous fait aimer ces aliments venus d’ailleurs.InCuizine,vol. 10, no. 1, P. Emeline & G. Sicotte (Eds) https://www.erudit.org/fr/revues/cuizine/2019-v10-n1-cuizine04600/1059906ar/

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Book Chapters

LeBel, J. L. & A. Détolle (2017). «Le marketing du cidre de glace du Québec: quand un repositionnement s’impose pour éviter l’impasse» dansLa transformation du cidre au Québec, L. M. Cloutier & A. Détolle (Éds), pages 247-271, Montréal: Presses de l’Université du Québec.This book received a coveted Gourmand World Cookbook Award in 2018 (“Drink Culture” category).

LeBel, J.L. (2016). Food Retailing in Canada: Shaping Choice and What Canadians Eat. In C. Elliott (Ed.)How Canadians Communicate VI: Food Promotion, Consumption, and Controversy, pp. 35-52, Edmonton, AB: AU Press.


What are the faculties of Concordia University? ›

The university has four faculties — Faculty of Arts and Science, Faculty of Fine Arts, Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science and John Molson School of Business — as well as the School of Graduate Studies. The respective faculties supervise the academic departments/institutes.

Is Concordia a prestigious school? ›

Concordia University — Irvine's ranking in the 2022-2023 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #317.

Why did Concordia college close? ›

Concordia's explanation for the sudden closure announcement pointed to financial problems. In short, less money was coming in due to falling enrollment, while costs were mounting, much of that due to construction debt.

What is the student faculty ratio in Concordia University? ›

The student-faculty ratio at Concordia University--St. Paul is 15:1, and the school has 68.9% of its classes with fewer than 20 students. The most popular majors at Concordia University--St.

How much do Concordia professors make? ›

The typical Concordia University Professor salary is $135,000 per year. Professor salaries at Concordia University can range from $103,120 - $204,632 per year.

How many faculty are there in Concordia? ›

With more than 250 faculty members from 35 countries, the school is home to more than 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

What is Concordia University famous for? ›

Our programs in art and design, education, communication and media studies, accounting and finance, and psychology rank among the best worldwide.

What are the cons of Concordia University? ›

  • It is an expensive school if you're an international students. With the fees going on about $15,000+ a year.
  • Concordia is in Quebec. It is mostly a French speaking city. 2nd highest french speaking city in the world after Paris. You should know a little bit of French before coming.

What is Concordia best known for? ›

Concordia's innovative approach to experiential learning and cross-functional research benefits our 51,500 students. Concordia is the top-ranked university in North America under 50, located in vibrant Montreal on the traditional lands of the Kanien'kehá:ka Nation.

Is Concordia a dry campus? ›

A: Concordia University Texas abides by Texas state laws concerning the sale, possession, and use of alcohol. Alcohol is not allowed in the common areas of residence halls. All students present in a private room or suite where alcohol is openly present or being consumed must be of legal drinking age (21 or older).

What went wrong on the Concordia? ›

Wrecking Near the Shore

But when it deviated from its planned path to sail closer to the island of Giglio, the ship struck a reef known as the Scole Rocks. The impact damaged the ship, allowing water to seep in and putting the 4,229 people on board in danger.

What is the controversy at Concordia University Texas? ›

Concordia College students are still angry about a white professor's use of a racial slur in a class several months ago. College administrators' seeming lack of response to the incident has not helped quell the outrage.

What is the faculty ratio at Harvard? ›

About Harvard University

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 7:1, Harvard has a strong focus on interdisciplinary learning and research, offering double degree programs, unique majors and academic flexibility in 92 areas of study.

What is the student-faculty ratio at Harvard? ›

It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 8,527, and admissions are extremely selective, with an acceptance rate of 5%. The university offers 97 bachelor's degrees, has an average graduation rate of 98%, and a student-faculty ratio of 5:1. Tuition and fees for students are $49,653.

Who owns Concordia University? ›

Concordia University System
PurposeLutheran higher education
HeadquartersSt. Louis, Missouri, United States
Parent organizationLutheran Church–Missouri Synod
1 more row

What is the highest paid Professor? ›

What Kind of Professors Get Paid the Most? According to the BLS, law professors earn a $123,470 annual median salary which is much higher than professors who teach other subjects.

What is the highest paying Professor job? ›

The 10 Highest-Paying Fields for College Professors
  1. Law teachers - $129,950. ...
  2. Health specialties teachers - $121,620. ...
  3. Economics teachers - $119,160. ...
  4. Political science teachers - $102,290. ...
  5. Physics teachers - $101,110. ...
  6. Anthropology and archaeology teachers - $95,140. ...
  7. Environmental science teachers - $93,450.

Which college has the highest paid professors? ›

Highest Professor Salary at U.S. Colleges
School nameYear
1Rockefeller UniversityNew York, NY2022
2Stanford UniversityStanford, CA2022
16 more rows

How many PHDs get faculty positions? ›

Between 10% and 30% of PhD alumni get a permanent position at academia. Often around 70% of PhD alumni want to work in academia.

What is Concordia University ranked in the world? ›

Concordia University - Canada Rankings

Concordia University - Canada is ranked #653 in Best Global Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. Read more about how we rank schools.

What is the male female ratio at Concordia University? ›

The full-time Concordia University, Irvine undergraduate population is made up of 61% women, and 39% men.

Is McGill or Concordia better? ›

Based on these rankings, it is quite clear that between the two Canadian universities, McGill University would be the first choice among students looking for higher education in Canada. McGill University rankings are higher than Concordia University rankings both globally and subject-wise.

Is university of Concordia hard to get into? ›

The Concordia University acceptance rate is in the range of 78.2%, making it moderately simpler to get into. This means that out of 100 applicants, around 78 students seeking admissions at Concordia University get accepted.

What is the GPA for Concordia? ›

Each year at the end of May all students are assessed to verify their academic standing. In order to continue in their program students must obtain a minimum 2.0 assessment GPA. This assessment is always based on a minimum of 12 credits attempted; included are courses taken in summer, fall and winter term.

What GPA is a failed class Concordia? ›

A student who achieves an annual GPA that is lower than 1.50 is placed in failed standing and dismissed from the program for a minimum period of one year. Failed students may apply for readmission to the program in subsequent years.

What is the lowest GPA Concordia? ›

Acceptable – GPA is at least a 2.00 - you may continue in your studies. Conditional – GPA is between 1.50-1.99 - you need to meet with your department advisor prior to registration (some departments may have other conditions).

Does Concordia have a good reputation? ›

The university and its programs rank among the best in Canada and around the world in various international rankings.

What is the highest GPA in Concordia? ›

David Mamane doesn't have a perfect GPA, but his 4.29 out of 4.3 earned him the silver Academic Medal from Canada's Governor General, awarded to Concordia's highest ranking undergraduate.

What is the largest university in Canada? ›

The largest university in terms of enrolment is the University of Toronto, which has 84,000 students across campuses in three locations. York University in Toronto has over 50,000 students, the second largest university in terms of enrolment.

Is Concordia a hard school? ›

Surviving Concordia is not hard. You will need to commit to your studies. If you're going to be working, it is wise to lessen your course load so that you do not get burnt out and so that you can spend more time honing your skills in your courses to ensure a good grade.

Is Concordia University a Catholic University? ›

Concordia University Chicago is a Lutheran university where the Gospel lives and forms our students, a place where students engage important questions and a place where students discover their vocations.

Does Concordia University have a pool? ›

Located on the south side of Memorial Auditorium, The Concordia Pool is home to the Cobber swim and dive team. The facility is open to students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Is Concordia University selective? ›

Admissions Summary

Concordia University Texas is less selective with an acceptance rate of 90%. Students that get into Concordia University Texas have an SAT score between 960–1130 or an ACT score of 18–23.

How many people died at Concordia? ›

How many passengers died on the Concordia? ›

13, 2012. The events will honor the 32 people who died that night, the 4,200 survivors, but also the residents of Giglio, who took in passengers and crew and then lived with the Concordia's wrecked carcass off their shore for another two years until it was righted and hauled away for scrap.

What is Concordia University best known for? ›

Our programs in art and design, education, communication and media studies, accounting and finance, and psychology rank among the best worldwide.

What does Concordia specialize in? ›

We are one of the most established and respected Communication Studies programs in North America, and are well known for combining creative media production with the study of media theory, criticism and history.

What is Concordia College known for? ›

Concordia College is a private liberal arts college in Moorhead, Minnesota. Founded by Norwegian settlers in 1891, the school is associated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Concordia is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and has a total student enrollment of 2,531.

What are Concordia most popular majors? ›

The most popular majors at Concordia University (NE) include: Education; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies; Parks, Recreation, Leisure, Fitness, and Kinesiology; Psychology; Theology and Religious Vocations; Physical ...

What is a good GPA at Concordia? ›

GPA and academic performance
GradeGrade Points
B+3.30Very Good
17 more rows

What is Concordia University ranked in Canada? ›

Concordia University - Canada Rankings

Concordia University - Canada is ranked #653 in Best Global Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. Read more about how we rank schools.

What are the best reasons to attend Concordia University? ›

Reasons to Attend Concordia University Irvine
  • Easy-to-Find Information and a Streamlined Application Process. ...
  • Flexible Format. ...
  • Accredited by WSCUC. ...
  • Programs for Student Success. ...
  • Highly Qualified Professors.
Mar 11, 2022

Where does Concordia University rank in the world? ›

Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings

Concordia tied for 20th place among 32 Canadian universities, up from 22nd out of 30 in 2021. The university's scores improved in four of the five higher education “pillars” used in THE rankings: teaching, research, industry income and international outlook.


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